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2 James Island High Schoolers are Receiving Backlash from a SnapChat Post


A snap chat post is upsetting some students and parents at James Island Charter High School.

The post is believed to have been made on Monday during the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and has been shared with many students around the high school.

We spoke with some of the students.

Many say they were offended by how far the post went, saying they believe the Confederate battle flag is offensive.

Others say they believe the students were not trying to be racist, and it was just a joke that went too far.

Either way, representative of the girls said: "The original photograph that was posted on social media this past weekend depicted two teenage students in spa facial masks enjoying their long weekend. Subsequently, another student obtained a screenshot of the photo, posted it on Facebook and asserted that the caption "Happy MLK Weekend" was offensive.At no point in time did these two students intend for there to be any racial overtones whatsoever. They never intended for it to be interpreted as offensive.This is a valuable lesson of how social media can be manipulated and misconstrued."

We did reach out to the principal for comment but he was unavailable at the time.

We also reached out to the Board of Directors for the high school and here's what they had to say: "The matter is being handled, as we said in our statement yesterday. Security measures are in place to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students, including School Resource Officers from the Charleston Police Department. Our staff is aware of the situation and has been encouraged to remain vigilant in every area of our campus."

We will keep you updated with any developments that may happen with this story.

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