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Cameras Catch Poss Thief Lurking In Sumerville


As people come and go from the Weatherstone community of Summerville, the watchful eyes of home security cameras capture an image few people have seen.

A homeowner provided ABC News 4 a video taken from her family's house last week. It shows an unknown person lurking in her driveway late at night. Some neighbors believe it’s the same person who stole a gun from a nearby car, and a bicycle.

A camera captured what appears to be the same person riding away with the bike.

"There's always something kind of nefarious happening once in a while and it’s good that its exposed openly," said Michael Van O’Linda, a resident of Weatherstone.

O’Linda and his wife, Jessica Baldwin, live near the street where the video was taken.

While they aren't worried about a stranger walking around their street, they had already planned to add extra security measures to their property.

"We're going to put up some more safety lights in the backyard. Like motion sensor lights and some flood lights on the sides of the house because it’s kind of dark on the sides of the house and stuff like that. I mean it’s a pretty small investment and makes us feel safer. So I think it’s a pretty good one to make," explained Van O’Linda.

Delafield Drive and Cotton Hope Lane is where neighbors say they've seen the stranger. Some have noticed extra police patrolling the area. Still, they're taking added steps to secure their homes.

"We're not putting bars on the window or anything. But you know just making sure our home is better lighted outside both for our comfort and the comfort of our guests who come over here don't want to walk up a dark driveway," said Baldwin.

It’s a picturesque piece of the American dream where people are protecting their property from unwelcome guests.

"I guess it’s one of those things that if you see something, say something," Baldwin added.

ABC News 4 checked with Summerville Police to find out what they know about the incident. An official said they were looking into it. The administrator of the Weatherstone Facebook page believes it’s an isolated incident.

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