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Family hopes CCSD will review policy after child gets picked up by stranger

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A family is hoping that the Charleston County School District will take a second look at their dismissal policy after their grandson got picked up from school by another adult.

Hernetta Cooper has a 5-year-old grandson that attends Midland Park Primary School.

According to an incident report from North Charleston police, Cooper went to pick up her grandson after school on May 13, and found out someone else had picked him up.

The report states the child was immediately returned to school after the non-custodial adult realized she picked up the wrong child.

Cooper claims the family never gave anyone else permission to pick up her grandson, and while the child was gone she feared the worst.

“He was missing for basically 30 minutes and that’s a long time for a child to be missing,” said Cooper. “The school did not protect his safety by letting him out the door.”

The Charleston County School District has dismissal policies in place when it comes to picking up children from the schools.

In a statement to Live 5 News the district states:

“We are aware of a concern about the dismissal procedure at Midland Park Primary School. Measures have been taken to address the matter and to ensure the safety and security of the children that have been entrusted into our care will continue to be our highest priority.”

Cooper says her grandson has been transferred to a different school.

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