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Committee discusses internal audit being done on Charleston mayor's office

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - An almost three-hour long meeting of the City of Charleston’s audit committee stretched into the evening with talk centering around an internal audit being done on Mayor John Tecklenburg’s office.

Auditors are looking into questionable spending practices. This was the second meeting purely focused on the mayor’s books.

And there’s one more to come, because the audit is not done.

Thursday’s meeting began with Tecklenburg defending many of the expenditures the audit flagged.

He said when it comes to traveling with his wife, he says there’s been three different ways into how it was paid for or reimbursed by the city.

Tecklenburg said the inconsistencies need to be fixed.

Other times, he took responsibility for the expenses, like for a take-home car. The mayor said no one advised him otherwise.

Tecklenburg said he discontinued the use of the car, and wrote a check for $2700 to pay the city back.

Some council members called out the possible conflict of interest of having city staff, the auditors, audit the city’s leader.

Many of them said this should have gone to an outside, external auditor.

The audit commission will meet again on Aug. 15.

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