The Latest: National Medal of Honor Heritage Foundation about the museum

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - A future building in the Lowcountry for the Medal of Honor museum is not dead in the water.

The National Medal of Honor Heritage Foundation held an event on board the USS Yorktown Monday night where they garnered support for their idea of building a museum at Patriots Point.

There were plans for a Medal of Honor Museum at the site until the board and the town of Mount Pleasant could not agree on a museum design last year.

But supporters of a museum at the location, say even if one is built elsewhere, Mount Pleasant should be the true home.

“I think it’s very significant to me that it’s in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina,” said Maj. Gen. James Livingston, a Medal of Honor recipient. “The name of this place represents what it should be-Patriots Point, and this is the place where the National Medal of Honor Museum should be.”

“This will absolutely be built,” said Mayor Will Haynie."If you look on the wall in there, there’s a thing about the Medal of Honor recipients. One is that “I will not quit.” The other is “I will not accept defeat,” and the third is “the mission will always come first.”

Congressman Joe Wilson, who was in attendance, said Congress designated the site of the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum to be in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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