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2 years after DUI accident, driver & victim fight together to save lives

ByLive 5 Web Staff|November 10, 2019 at 11:03 PM EST - Updated November 11 at 10:17 AM

FOLLY BEACH S.C. (WCSC) - From a tragic drunk driving accident to an unforgettable friendship, motorcyclists rode around the Lowcountry for a fundraiser to help a man who almost lost his life. The organizer of it all was driver that hit him.

In just an instant in June 2017, Robby Alexander was fighting for his life after Kelly Abrams hit his motorcycle on Folly Beach. He spent three days in a coma and has been recovering day by day since.

“So yeah that was rock bottom for me,” Abrams said. “Going and finding him hurt like that. Today, I’m just so grateful that he’s alive”

After the surgeries, suffering and court, Abrams reached out to Alexander to make amends. In fact, now, they’re close friends.

“I just am trying my best to get help him get his life back on track and restored, healthy, pain free,” Abrams said. “I have an absolutely incredible friend now, who makes me laugh, who makes me cry. We have fun together.”

Robby said forgiving Abrams was the easiest part of his road to recovery

“I told her she’s lucky that it happened this way and it wasn’t me hitting her because I wouldn’t have been able to do this benefit and all that she’s thrown for me,” Alexander said. “She’s been a blessing. She really has. She has a good heart.”

After the accident, Abrams started an organization called the Corinthians project to help other victims and addicts recover from alcohol abuse.

“My goal is to work and help people get into treatment and help those who helped me,” Abrams said.

It goes to show the power of forgiveness in forging friendship, even after tragedy

“Life can be beautiful if we let it. Robbie is letting it be beautiful for me,” she said.

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