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Lawmaker proposes new improvements for James Island Intersection

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - One state senator is proposing an improvement to a dangerous intersection on James Island.

Sen. Sandy Senn has been working to figure out a new plan for the intersection of Central Park Road and Riverland Drive.

Charleston County has been planning on building two roundabouts near Central Park Road and Riverland Drive.

Charleston County Council was supposed to vote on the option earlier this week, but the decision was deferred.

Senn says the stoplight could be a better option than the two roundabouts, also referred to as a "dog bone."

According to Senn, it would improve safety and alleviate traffic concerns. She says she also spoke to a landowner and configured a way to take four trees and a corner out of his property to create a right-hand lane that would allow cars to turn right onto Riverland Drive from Central Park Road.

“Once 526 gets there, this whole area is going to change dramatically. We’re not going to have nearly as many cars here,” said Senn. “We’re looking at potentially going back to the simple traffic light approach which is what DOT tried to do years ago, but we have a way to do it with a lot fewer trees.”

Senn says the reason the state’s department of transportation is considering this option now is because the stoplight would be a temporary 10-year fix.

She believes this option would be less costly and could also add buried powerlines to the area.

Charleston County has been considering different options for the intersection.

They’ve even conducted a survey to get public feedback. Most people chose the plan that would add two roundabouts to the area, but for people who live right alongside it, they say they don’t want that.

"We don't see the need for the dog bone and we don't want it," James Island resident Harold Pinckney Jr said.

Senn says she is having someone look over the data to see if the light would be a viable option. She says if it is, she hopes the county council will consider it. If it turns out that the stoplight proposal will not provide any long-term help to the intersection than she is on board with the roundabouts.

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