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Film raising awareness for the opioid epidemic premieres in Chs

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - “Art meets education” in a new film that premiered Sunday night at the American Theater in downtown Charleston.

Ocean Boulevardis set in Myrtle Beach and focuses on the opioid epidemic that has gripped every corner of the state.


“Ocean Boulevard blurs the line between narrative and documentary filmmaking. We show the unglorified struggle of what a heroin relapse looks like with a cast of individuals who are in recovery,” according to the film’s makers. “This film will not end at the credits. It will live on through our viewers and the dialogue we choose to engage in.”

It's inspired by the true stories of three people who are now in recovery from heroin addiction and are helping others. "We believe that the most important thing in tackling this topic is starting the conversation and starting an honest conversation,” said filmmaker Zoe Miller.

The film was followed by a question and answer forum with the cast and professionals in the recovery community to raise awareness for the opioid epidemic.

A unique feature of the film is that each member of the cast and crew has been personally affected by the opioid epidemic in some way.

"It's not only important to show the problem...but we want to keep it focused on solution, solution-oriented,” said Bobby Brazell, the executive director of Midlands Recovery Center. “We want to shine a light on how recovery is possible for people, as grim as it can be, and even for people like myself...recovery is possible."

Ticket sales help fund a scholarship for those who are seeking recovery and treatment.

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