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What is on the “nice” list to recycle over the holidays

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - During the holidays, we all tend to generate a lot more trash than usual.

We’re cooking more, opening presents, hosting parties and handling box after box delivered to the doorstep.

Charleston County’s recycling leaders are reminding you that a lot of your holiday waste can be recycled.

“The volumes are drastically increased around this time of year,” said Christina Moskos, Program Manager withCharleston County Environmental Management.

She wants you to remember that basically any fiber-based products (except shredded paper) can be recycled.

“ Gift bags- tissue paper- wrapping paper – again basically anything that’s fiber!” she said.

Holiday cards and cardboard boxes get the green light, too. Try to save and reuse boxes first, Moskus suggested.

They ask that customers please break down boxes, flatten them and put them inside your bin.

There is only one employee per recycling truck, so if he or she has to get out and collect boxes that are next to a customer’s bin, it wastes time and is a safety hazard for the driver, Moskus said.

“This [Godiva candy] cardboard box is a great example of an item that would be accepted for recycling. However, make sure any cardboard boxes are free of any plastic packaging, plastic wrap, shrink wrap or Styrofoam. Those are not accepted for recycling.”

And definitely do not attempt to recycle Christmas lights.

“Try to keep any ‘tanglers’ out of your bin. So if you have cords, long strips of ribbon, holiday lights are also a big no-no. Keep those items out of your recycling carts.”

If you’re lucky enough to get a new phone, computer or TV from Santa this year don’t toss the old ones.

Moskus said, “We do accept electronic waste- specifically TVs – for recycling at any of our staffed convenience centers. Just please don’t place those items in your recycling cart.”

Don’t put garland or trees in your bin, either.

She said real trees can be recycled at the curb in most cities, or brought directly to the Bees Ferry compost facility in West Ashley.

Trash and recycling collections are delayed this week throughout the tri-county.

Check out this full list of those schedules online broken down by county and city.

And, just a reminder, Charleston’s ban on single-use plastics like grocery bags goes into effect next week on January 1st.

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