Remembering Bella

Rememberng Bella

CHARLESTON, SC (WSC) - Ben Brengle spoke with 94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden and shared the heartbreaking story of losing his beloved dog, Bella, this past December, who was tragically hit by a car near a Highway 52 overpass after being abducted in his stolen truck.

Bella was patiently waiting in her owner's car as he completed his check-out process at the Lowe's in North Charleston, where they frequented and she was even known by name, when she was abducted. Barely making it down the road, the thief tossed Bella out of the car, forcing her to run across eight lanes in attempt to make it to the other side, which she unfortunately did not as she was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Ben's search for Bella took many days, which turned into weeks before he was able to discover what ultimately happened to her. She was "missing" for two weeks before it was discovered she had been unfortunately hit the very day she was abducted.

Bella loved her owner Ben's truck, it was her safe zone, and she never wanted to leave it. She was extremely shy and only took to her owner, Ben, at the beginning of her adoption. She was an incredibly smart, loving, and obedient animal. She was even a regular at the Lowe's that she was abducted from, where she would join her owner on his shopping trips as he gathered supplies for various jobs. During Ben's search for Bella, he fully put aside his work in order to search for her full time, sacrificing so much.

Ben's message to the community is to be more alert at all times, and he feels strongly that something must be done to treat situations like this as seriously as possible. He believes there needs to be a "button" created that would mimic that of Amber Alerts, alerting the correct officials in dire situations such as this one.

Link below to listen to Ben Brengle speak with 94.3 WSC's Kelly Golden about the tragic incident:

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