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Lowcountry Strong: Neighbors take porch portraits during COVID-19 pandemic

By Abbey O'Brien|March 26, 2020 at 7:04 AM EDT - Updated March 26 at 7:59 AM

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - During the coronavirus pandemic, most people are staying home to prevent the spread of the virus.

But in Carnes Crossroads, neighbors decided to have a little fun to showcase the lighter side of spending more time at home with their families.

Someone posted on the neighborhood Facebook page about taking front porch portraits. A photographer in the neighborhood, Tony Diz, was nominated by his wife to take the pictures.

“You can’t say no to your wife,” Diz said with a smile. “Doing this gives the people, the neighbors, an opportunity to get out and do something fun.”

Neighbors signed up for time slots while Diz went around to showcase them on their porches.

“I think eventually they will look at it in the future, maybe 20-30 years from now.. and they can say, “Oh, this is when,” Diz said.

"I hope this project inspires people to get out and still socialize from a safe distance,” Sarah Burnett said. She took photos with her three-year-old daughter and her husband. They have been passing the time by trying to get out on the front lawn as much as possible and playing with chalk.

“We just thought it was a good opportunity to put on some real clothes, not sweatpants, and go outside and enjoy the weather,” Kayla Greene said. She took pictures with her husband, eight-year-old son and dog. She’s also has a baby in April and wanted to get a family picture while they had the time.

Some of the neighbors got creative with signs and props. Barry and Ann Watkins took pictures by their car out front, which Barry has been working on for some time. She held a sign that said: “Why are u working on the car? We can’t go anywhere! #COVID-19.”

“She’s the inspiration behind it all,” Barry said about his wife. “She’s the one that came up with the idea... and I am working on this car quite frequently.” They hope this project and the photographs bring a smile to people’s face during this time of uncertainty.

Ellen Blickman and her husband, Rich Piotrowski, showed off their supply of toilet paper and water in the picture while she held a sign that read, “Will trade toilet paper for chocolate.”

“People just need something light-hearted and positive to get us through what’s really a tough time,” Piotrowski said.

“It’s hard times that bring people together,” Diz said. “It’s hard times where your character comes out, your true character comes out, and it’s hard times that makes you who you are.” He is looking forward to sharing the finished products with the families and the neighborhood. They plan to take more family portraits this weekend.

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Click here to see some of the photographs taken by Tony Diz.

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