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Lowcountry Strong: Kids using chalk messages to inspire others

By Abbey O'Brien|March 27, 2020 at 7:02 AM EDT - Updated March 27 at 7:26 AM

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Many neighborhoods in the Lowcountry are getting creative to keep kids occupied during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you take a drive through Legend Oaks in Dorchester County you will see chalk drawings on almost every driveway and sidewalk.

“We are just drawing on our sidewalks to put nice messages to everyone," thirteen-year-old Sophie Marano said. "Just make everyone feel happy during this time of sadness.”

The idea took off on the neighborhood Facebook page and soon everyone was searching for all the chalk they could find.

“I don’t think most neighborhoods are like this," ten-year-old Claire Moore said. She has really enjoyed the way everyone has come together, but at a safe distance. One of her friends, Alyssa Galvin, lives across the street.

“One of my best friends over there is doing a fantastic, bright drawing that I could never pull off!” Moore said.

“I wrote be kind,” Galvin said while admiring her drawing. “It’s really colorful.”

t’s created a new activity for families to not only draw, but take talks and drives around the neighborhood to admire what everyone else has drawn.

“We all always try to come together and spread positivity with the kids that come around and we’re trying to keep a smile on everyone’s face," added Marano.

While it’s a confusing time for these kids, who have moved to online learning, they understand the need to uplift their friends and neighbors.

"My message is to love yourself,” Moore said.

“My favorite message is have hope,” nine-year-old Paige Harris said.

“Mine would have to be faith over fear,” twelve-year-old Leah Harris added. "Because we have faith that we’re going to be okay...and we’re going to get through this.”

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