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Goodwill donations increase as many clean out closets during quarantine

BySummer Huechtker | March 31, 2020 at 6:24 AM EDT - Updated March 31 at 7:02 AM

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - People working from home may be finding time to take care of some household chores they haven’t had time to get to before.

Palmetto Goodwill, which has locations across the Lowcountry, is seeing a rise in donations within the last week. Many of the donations are coming from people cleaning out their garages and houses while being home more.

Goodwill is making sure they are allowing people to do this safely. While all inside stores are closed to the public, they are still open for outdoor drop-offs at store locations.

“We wanted to make sure that we could still fund our mission and that really is through the donations," Palmetto Goodwill spokesperson Megan Fink says. "So, donations are more important than ever for Goodwill and that enables us to help people with their employment searches.”

Staff is quarantining all donated items by cleaning them and boxing them up for 72 hours. Goodwill is also now posting all items online atshopgoodwill.com/palmettosince people aren’t allowed in the stores.

The Goodwill team will also be practicing social distancing by not helping you at your car, but being on-site if you need any assistance.

They say it’s been exciting to see the community working for some good during this time.

“I think in any crisis, or time of uncertainty, people really want some sort of call to action," she says. "They want something that they can do to contribute, to show their community service and compassion and I think donating to Goodwill or other charities, organizations in the community is certainly one way that they can safely do that. That they’re not alone, that they’re contribution is helping someone else in some way.”

Fink says during these times of social distancing, it helps to know you are helping someone, whether it’s through giving or by knowing you are making it possible for someone to still have a job.

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Photo: Live 5 News

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