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Dorchester District 2 schools looking to fill teacher jobs

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By Danielle Seat and Live 5 Web Staff | September 8, 2020 at 4:34 AM EDT - Updated September 8 at 4:36 AM

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Dorchester County School District 2 is continuing efforts to fill several teaching positions, even as virtual classes begin Tuesday.

There are about 20 teacher vacancies throughout DD2 schools, most of which are elective courses like art.

District spokesperson Pat Raynor says it’s hard to say if this is more than normal, she says DD2 normally prides itself in having little to no teacher vacancies.

DD2 has been actively recruiting and interviewing, as recently as last week, to fill as many positions as possible.

Click hereto apply for a DD2 teaching job.

But in a situation where they don’t have enough teachers, Raynor says DD2 is prepared to put a few more students in each class if they need to.

DD2 is also always looking to hire new substitute teachers.

But Raynor says she is not sure if the district would be increasing its efforts to recruit more substitutes this year, since this year there is the possibility of teachers needing to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19.

There are no bus driver vacancies, but district officials say they are always taking applications.

Substitute teachers are required to go through a course, unless they are already a certified teacher.

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