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Short-term rental regulations up for final vote

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By Danielle Seat | October 20, 2020 at 6:52 AM EDT - Updated October 20 at 7:32 AM

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County is asking for community input on proposed changes to short-term rental permit fees before they vote on the final reading at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Charleston County is looking to double their permit application fees for all zoning districts.

These zoning districts include:

  • Limited home rentals from $50 to $100
  • Extended home rentals from $100 to $200
  • Commercial guest houses from $150 to $300

Charleston County council will vote on the final approval for these increases, and this will be alongside other short-term rental changes to strengthen their initial ordinance, which was written in 2018.

Another proposed change being voted on is a limit on the number of days per year a property can be rented.

Charleston County Director of Planning and Zoning, Andrea Melocik, says the county is looking to balance the desires of the residents who live here with the interest of the property owners who want to rent out their property.

The number of days per year a property can be rented out will be dependent on your zoning district.

  • Limited home rentals: 72 days
  • Extended home rentals: 144 days
  • Commercial Guest Houses: Unlimited

The Planning and Public Works Committee signed off on exempting AGR and AGA homes, which essentially is an exemption aimed at Agritourism, allowing them to apply for an extended home annual allowance.

The public hearing will start at 6:30 Tuesday night.

Public comments must be submitted before the meeting. Click here to submit a public comment.

Citizens are encouraged to watch live by clicking here.

The regulations will go into effect Wednesday if they are approved.

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