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Calhoun Statue demolition to last 3-4 more weeks

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By Danielle Seat and Riley Bean | November 9, 2020 at 6:39 AM EST - Updated November 9 at 7:35 AM

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The removal the John C. Calhoun statue base is underway, but officials say it might be December before crews are moved out of the area.

The Charleston Parks Department says the crews working on the Calhoun demolition project are under a 60-day contract, but it shouldn’t take quite that long.

Although the parks department says they are still at least three to four weeks from being finished, crews are starting back up again Monday to remove the inside part of the base.

City of Charleston Director of Parks Jason Kronsberg says there are thousands of bricks inside and this process alone will take at least a few days.

During this time, Kronsberg says crews are also expecting to find out if there is a time capsule in the statue. He says it may be either a hollowed-out spot in the structure or a lead box.

Kronsberg says this time capsule was mentioned in a Post and Courier article nearly 100 years ago, and inside they think it may have several different items. Among those listed include a cannonball recovered from the harbor believed to have been used in the battle of Fort Moultrie, 100 dollars in Continental money, a lock of Calhoun’s hair, and more.

If crews do find the time capsule, Kronsberg says a historian will be called to the site and they will stop work for the day.

After the physical base is removed, it will take another week or two to lay down the new sod and clean up the area of machinery, Kronsberg says.

Additionally, the Christmas Tree is also already up at Marion Square, and Kronsberg says everything will be out of the area at least a few weeks before Christmas so everyone can come out an enjoy the new look of the park.

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