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East Cooper Meals on Wheels ramping up efforts to feed the community

ByDanielle Seat|February 24, 2021 at 7:06 AM EST - Updated February 24 at 7:35 AM

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Some Lowcountry restaurants say they are participating in East Cooper Meals on Wheels’ March for Meals event.

East Cooper Meals on Wheels organizers say the March for Meals event is one of their best opportunities to host an event that would impact the entire year.

March for Meals is a national campaign for the Meals on Wheels association.

The non-profit says the purpose of the event is primarily to bring awareness to their programs, which include providing meals to those in the community regardless of age or income.

East Cooper Meals on Wheels annual Gala typically happens in March, and their annual oyster roast is usually in January. But over the past 12 months both events were canceled because of the pandemic.

With their biggest fundraiser canceled two years in a row, Meals for Wheels says this year the March for Meals is also their one opportunity to host an event which could set them up for the months to come.

Although they plan to host the gala next winter, they hope March for Meals can get them through another summer.

East Cooper Meals on Wheels President and CEO George Roberts says they hope to raise about $120,000 of the $175,000 the Gala normally brings in.

“We do need the money to continue to serve, but we’re also trying to create that awareness to let people know that if you’re home-bound for any reason whatsoever, regardless of age or income we’re here to serve you,” Roberts said. “So if you call us today, we’ll have meals to you tomorrow.”

East Cooper Meals on Wheels says every week they provide $21,000 worth of meals to those in the community who are home-bound or unable to provide meals. With the pandemic keeping many people at home, Roberts says they’ve seen about a 10% increase in need.

Restaurants currently planning to participate in March for Meals are as follows:

Five Loaves (Mt. Pleasant): March 1 to March 7

Burtons Grill: March 8 to March 14

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit: April 3rd

East Cooper Meals on Wheels says people can donate directly at their website.

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