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Dog missing for 5 days found by Charleston Co. Parks employees

ByLive 5 Web Staff|April 22, 2021 at 8:39 PM EDT - Updated April 23 at 1:31 PM

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A dog who had been missing for 5 days near Palmetto Islands County Park was found by two Charleston County Parks employees.

Charleston County Parks officials said the dog, named Mick, had a seizure on April 14, got scared and ran away through an unlocked screen porch door at a home near the park.

Steve Carron and his wife looked for Mick for five days and went through the park “at least 10 times” trying to find him.

Park staff including Assistant Manager Jason Woodrum and Operations Aide Rob Dukes helped in the search, then on Sunday the pair decided to look one more time in the area around Nature Island and heard a whimper.

“Jason and Rob had to use a canoe to get to the lost dog and then carried Mick through the pluff mud back to the canoe because he was so weak,” parks officials said.

Mick was then put on a golf cart and returned to Steve and his wife.

Steve says Mick is now recovering nicely.

“Mick would have died that night if Jason and Rob had not found him,” Steve wrote in an email. “He is so sweet and gentle and now we have him back thanks to Jason and Rob.”

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