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Lowcountry man wins $300,000 and goes home to mow the yard

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ST. GEORGE , S.C. (WCSC) - Cutting grass wasn’t such a chore for a Lowcountry lottery player, who spent a couple of hours on the lawn mower thinking over how to spend a $300,000 win.

He was filling up a gas can to mow the yard when he decided to buy a Carolina Bonus Cash ticket at Chris Corner on N. Parler Ave. in Saint George.

“It’s weird how it happened,” he told South Carolina Education Lottery officials, describing the events that led up to the win.

He says the card reader was broken at another store where he stopped for ice. He got cash to pay for the ice and later used the change he got back to buy the winning ticket at the Chris Corner convenience store.

“I called my wife. She thought something bad happened because of how my voice sounded,” he said after scratching off the win and tearing up. “She told me to come home.”

He cashed in the winning ticket in Columbia and went home to cut the grass.

The couple has decided to use the winnings to help others and save for their children’s college.

The Saint George player overcame odds of 1 in 668,571.43 to leave one top prize of $300,000 remaining in the $10 Carolina Bonus Cash game.

Chris Corner in Saint George received a commission of $3,000 for selling the claimed ticket.

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