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NEW: DD4 to switch to virtual classes

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ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCSC) - The superintendent of Dorchester County School District 4 confirmed Monday the school district will switch to virtual-only instruction.

Dr. Kelvin Wymbs said in a letter to parents the district will observe e-Learning days this Thursday and Friday, and then starting on Sept. 7, the district will temporarily switch to virtual learning indefinitely.

“During e-Learning, your child will learn and complete assignments independently. Teachers will have office hours to answer any questions about the assigments,” Wymbs said in a letter to parents. “When virtual learning begins, your child will participate in live, remote instruction delivered by the child’s teacher(s).”

DD4 schools will distribute devices and hot-spots to students prior to Thursday, the letter states.

Teachers will post or email learning plans, assignments and schedules for parents who need to pick up additional material or supplies.

“If a family is unable to come to the school during posted pick-up times, the school’s principal will notify parents of additional pick-up times,” the letter states. “Meal delivery and mobile technology access schedules will be posted on school and district websites and emailed to parents.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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