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Community in mourning after Moncks Corner pastor died from COVID-19

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MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCSC) - Friends, family and members of Life Givers Church in Moncks Corner are mourning the loss of one of their own.

Pastor Paul Garrett passed away on Friday after battling COVID in the hospital for nearly a month. He was only 55.

Pastor Paul’s wife, Susie Garrett, said he began showing symptoms on Sunday August 15th. She said they wanted to be careful because 12 years ago he had a kidney transplant.

He went to the MUSC emergency room just a few days later.

On Saturday, less than a week after he began feeling sick, Susie said her husband was moved to the ICU. A few days after that, she says Pastor Paul was put into a medically induced coma.

On September 9th, Susie got the call that she should come to the hospital, as the pastor was not doing well. She and a few others were there for his final moments of life before he died on September 10th.

“They said he took his last heartbeat. And I just. My head just went down. I think everything went down on me. And I said, so did I. Because we were inseparable,” Susie said.

Susie and Pastor Paul had been married for 33 years on August 20th. They share two sons together, Tyler and Travis. Travis was tragically killed by a train 13 years ago.

Paul became a pastor at Life Givers Church 10 years ago. Susie said he was passionate about everything he did for the church.

“I used to say, why do you spend so much time studying for a wedding or a funeral, we could be off doing more stuff together as a you know, a family. And he would say, you know that’s not me, I have to put my heart into it.”

He was even supposed to officiate his son Tyler’s wedding on September 4th, but tragically could not attend.

Members of Life Givers say Pastor Paul made a huge impact on the church.

“Pastor was a very passionate man. When he preached, his voice would tremble at times, from maybe, he was so passionate, ready to cry at certain times because he loved people,” said Susan Stewart.

For Robert Thomas, Pastor Paul was someone who helped him get through the loss of his son.

“He helped me realize I did not lose my faith. Because I could thank God for the 22 years I had with my son, instead of being mad about the ones I don’t have,” Thomas said.

Susie said she has received an outpouring of love and support from the church community during this tough time.

Pastor Paul’s viewing is Monday at Oakley Road Ministries. His funeral will be held there on Tuesday at 2 pm.

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