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Parents protest Charleston Co. School District mask mandate

No mask, no entry - Open sign

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Parents are upset that the Charleston County School District will start sending students home if they do not wear a mask at school.

The Charleston County School Board made the decision Sept. 13 to begin enforcing the district’s mask policy beginning this past Monday.

The school district laid out a staggered response to students not wearing masks to allow for a transition period at the beginning of the week.

Students’ parents received a written warning on Monday if students did not wear masks to class. The district stepped it up Tuesday saying students would face in-school virtual learning for not wearing their masks.

Starting Wednesday, the school district’s policy said students would be sent home if they are not wearing masks.

In response, parents have been showing up to Cario Middle School in Mount Pleasant Wednesday morning. Reports say more than a dozen parents showed up to Cario Middle School protesting a mask mandate for their children.

The parents say masks should be a choice and not mandated by the Charleston County School District.

The associate superintendent addressed the parents and reiterated the school district’s decision.

A state school board member is said to be meeting with the parents at 4 p.m. Wednesday to address their concerns.

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