Trident: 97% of COVID patients given monoclonal therapy recovered at home

Sick female lying on bed in ICU during COVID-19

Photo: Getty Images

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Officials with Trident Medical Center says the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy at their facilities is helping to reduce COVID-related hospitalizations.

The health care network reported that more than 1,200 Lowcountry and Upstate patients who were newly diagnosed with the virus received the monoclonal treatment to reduce the virus’ symptoms.

According to Trident officials, after receiving the treatment 97% of those patients battling COVID were able to recover at home.

“Hospital officials say the treatment accomplished it’s intended purpose - help reduce COVID-related hospitalizations,” Trident hospital officials said. “With the treatment available for patients at more locations in the Lowcountry the hospital has paused it monoclonal antibody clinic. Trident began offering the treatment in December of last year.”

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