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Minor earthquakes keep hitting near South Carolina town

Seismograph recording the seismic activity of an earthquake

Photo: Getty Images

JENKINSVILLE, S.C. (WCSC/AP) - An area near the South Carolina town of Jenkinsville has been hit with multiple minor earthquakes over the last week.

The latest quake happened early Sunday morning. Multiple news outlets report the U.S. Geological Survey initially registered the Sunday tremor in Fairfield County at 2.2 magnitude but later edged up the intensity to 2.3.

It’s the sixth small earthquake in the area over a week, with three quakes recorded on Thursday alone.

The State newspaper reported that the South Carolina Emergency Management Division is studying the seismic activity.

Earthquakes that register less than 2.5 usually are too small to be felt.

While most people associated earthquakes with the west coast of the United States, the largest earthquake ever recorded on the eastern seaboard hit in Charleston on August 31, 1886. The quake measured a magnitude of 7.3.

The initial shock lasted nearly a full minute and it was felt from Chicago to Cuba.

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