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Downtown businesses banning together to improve iconic King Street

Charleston SC Rainbow Row

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Several King Street businesses are banning together to form the King Street Business Improvement District.

According to the resolution being proposed to the City of Charleston, the BID plan will provide for the provision and funding of various public improvements for the benefit of the current and future users of the district. This includes additional security, street cleaning,etc..

The BID is expected to generate $1,090,000 per year by collecting money from King Street businesses as part of their tax bill.

The City’s Planning Director Robert Summerfield says the city plans to conduct an assessment to generate the funds and provide the necessary services.

“It’s businesses recognizing that they play a direct part in making the street the best it can be,” Summerfield said. “And not relying on government to do everything.”

The President of Croghans Jewel Box on King Street Mariana Hay says the potential Business Improvement District is many months in the works, and she says she’s excited about the improvements it could bring.

“King Street is bustling,” Hay said. “We have to keep people safe. We have to fix the holes in the sidewalks.”

Hay says more than 50% of King Street business are on board with the BID.

“I think working with the city and having so many people involved as a group under one heading is much more powerful than individual merchants,” he said.

The Charleston City Council will discuss the resolution Nov. 7, and if approved, there is a public hearing set for Dec. 7.

The BID would stay in effect for 10 years and apply to all businesses between Line Street and Broad Street.

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