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Chief: Charleston Police Dept. ‘making progress’ after racial bias audit

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston’s Police chief says his officers are working to improve the agency two years after a racial bias audit was published.

The audit provided insights, information and context that the police department is using with the community. The goal of the audit was to uncover any aspects of implicit bias or systemic and individual racial bias.

CLICK HERE to read the full audit.

Chief Luther Reynolds said his department is committed to addressing the results of the audit. The original audit included 72 recommendations, though one was removed.

“We embrace the audit and addressing all the findings,” Reynolds said. “It’s important for me to state how comprehensive that is. It involves our hiring process. It involves our training, our equipment, our policy. It involves the culture of our organization, our leadership development.”

Reynolds said the department will stick with all 72 recommendations in an effort to disclose everything and to be as transparent as possible.

“We have made and will continue to make progress on this audit,” Reynolds said.

The audit was published in 2019.

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