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Goose Creek prohibiting open carry of firearms for public, permitted events

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GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCSC) – Goose Creek has passed into law an ordinance that prohibits open carrying firearms during public or permitted events on public property.

The law, effective immediately, was passed in a 6-1 vote during a city council meeting held Tuesday night.

“As a council and as a city, and in consulting with our law enforcement, and all law enforcement sort of oppose the ability for people to open carry out in public events,” Mayor Greg Habib said. “It just creates more issues, as we see it, and our number one priority is the safety of our citizens.”

Council Member Hannah Cox was the lone dissenting vote. She declined to speak on camera, but Cox said she voted no because she believes the measure encroaches on a person’s Second Amendment rights and limits their right to carry.

The law prevents any open carry of firearms during protests or other city-permitted events, such as parades, events and block parties.

The Open Carry with Training Act, passed by Gov. Henry McMaster in May, went into effect on Aug. 15. The act allows cities to restrict open carry during certain organized events, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

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