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Charleston volunteers helping rescue animals from tornado-ravaged Kentucky

This tornado demonstrates "Barber Poling": the rotational bands twisting around the tornado itself, Campo, Colorado, USA

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Patrick Phillips

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society is helping in large-scale rescue efforts following last weekend’s deadly tornadoes in Kentucky.

The organization’s disaster response team will deploy Monday to Greenville, Kentucky to evacuate 20 dogs from the Muhlenberg County Animal Shelter. That county was in the path of the storms that killed a total of 96, including 77 in Kentucky.

“By helping to clear the shelter in Muhlenberg County and bringing those dogs to Charleston for adoption, we can open space for dogs, cats and other animals displaced by these tornadoes,” Charleston Animal Society Vice President of Operations and Strategy Aldwin Roman said.

The ASPCA is leading the tornado response for animals at the request of the Kentucky Humane Society.

The effort is assisting with the evacuation of homeless cats and dogs from Kentucky-based shelters.

The goal in these response efforts, Charleston Animal Society spokesperson Kay Hyman says, is to always keep animals displaced by a disaster close to home so they can be reunited with families looking for them.

“We could not reach out and help like we do, without the support of partners like the ASPCA,” Roman said. “If others want to support disaster response efforts like this one, they can go to our website and give at CharlestonAnimalSociety.org.”

Charleston Animal Society’s Disaster Response Team includes volunteers. The team going to Kentucky is scheduled to leave Monday and return on Tuesday.

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