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One80 Place asking for move-out kit donations this holiday season

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Charleston-based shelter is asking for help to get people who have experienced homelessness established in new apartments or homes in time for the holidays.

One80 Place, whose goal is to end and prevent homelessness in Charleston, provides move-out kits to people and families when they leave the shelter, program manager Beth Moore says.

“These move-out kits are really the essentials that are going to set a client up for success,” Moore said. “We really stand in recognition and accomplishment of everything that they’ve come through and the journey to becoming housed. And being able to provide these is really meaningful for us.”

Moore says the three big items in a move-out kit are linens, cleaning supplies, and kitchen items.

She adds that you can donate a full kit or parts of a kit. The shelter has an Amazon wish list with their exact needs.

“This holiday season we’re all looking for ways to give back and this is a really good way to lend a hand,” Moore said.

She says the goal is to provide folks with things they will need to get started in their new home, while also giving them items that will last.

That includes pillows, air mattresses, basic pots and pans, plates, and can openers. Moore says they provide kits for families and individuals, so sizes will change.

One80 Place also accepts non-perishable and non-expirable food for these kits.

Moore says these kits are accepted year-round.

You can drop off items during normal business hours at their Donation Center, located at 35 Walnut St. in Charleston, but someone is always at One80 Place 24/7 even on Christmas Day, so donations will be accepted at any time.

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