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Woman bites paramedic’s groin, takes deputy’s taser after family dispute

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Deputies have arrested a woman who is accused of taking a deputy’s taser then biting a paramedic’s groin after attempting to leave a family member at the Charleston County jail.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office arrested 63-year-old Gina Darlene McGehee of Charleston. She faces several charges including third-degree assault and battery, unlawful conduct towards a child, and assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest.

The incident happened last month when investigators say McGehee left a family member at the Al Cannon Detention Center after she claimed that person had taken a phone and used it to look up inappropriate images.

Deputies said they made numerous attempts to get McGehee to return to the jail before issuing a warrant for her arrest. When she finally returned to the jail, the sheriff’s office said McGehee resisted arrest and took a deputy’s taser which was eventually knocked out of her hand.

A deputy reported that when they got McGehee in a patrol car she attempted to make herself pass out, and EMS responded.

When medics were able to wake her, the report states that McGehee bit one of the paramedics in the groin.

Incident begins with woman leaving nephew at jail

Officials with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened on the morning of Dec. 28 when deputies responded to the Al Cannon Detention Center for someone who was left at the center by his legal guardian, later identified as McGehee. A report states McGehee dropped the family member at the jail because he had taken a cell phone from her car months ago and used it to look up inappropriate material.

When deputies called McGehee and told her that she needed to return to resolve the issue, McGehee said, “I’m not going back there, he’s your problem now.”
The report states that she also told deputies, ”Well then send a cop to come take me to jail because I’m not going back.”

The sheriff’s office reported that authorities made multiple attempts to get her to come back. A warrant was then issued for her arrest.

CCSO officials said when McGehee returned to the jail and was being told her Miranda Rights, she became loud and boisterous, and resisted arrest. During the incident, investigators say McGehee grabbed a deputy’s taser and pulled it out of the holster and said, "I don’t know what I’m grabbing, but I’m going to use it."

A deputy said he was able to knock the taser out of McGehee’s hand and place her under arrest and into a patrol car. According to the sheriff’s office, McGehee then continued to resist arrest and attempted to hold her breath.

EMS units then arrived on scene and placed her on a stretcher.

The incident report states that when medics woke McGehee she leaned over and bit a paramedic in the groin area. McGehee was transported to MUSC for evaluation and later transported to jail.

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