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Bike share industry giant coming to Charleston

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Transportation sharing company Lime doesn’t have any locations in South Carolina, but that could soon change, according to a discussion from The City of Charleston’s Committee on Traffic and Transportation Monday.

Charleston Transportation Director Robert Somerville said the process started back in August, and they received applications from six different companies.

They decided to go with Neutron Holding DBA Lime, or global bike and scooter share operator Lime, to be the new bike share vendor in the city.

Somerville says Lime is very excited to come to Charleston. He says Lime is already looking at locations in the city where they can kick off their launch.

The current bike share vendor in the city is Holy Spokes. Their contract expires next month.

“Bike share has been popular in the city of Charleston. It’s gonna be an interesting transition but the company that’s taking over is well-experienced and I think is excited to be in Charleston so we should have an excellent experience with them,” said Councilmember and committee chair Michael Seekings.

Somerville says they should be moving forward in February with the new bike share program.

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