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College of Charleston partners with MUSC for new school of health sciences 

Randolph Hall, College of Charleston

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The College of Charleston is creating a brand-new school of health sciences, and officials say the need is more important than ever. 

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented us with many challenges and taught us many lessons during the past two years,” says Suzanne Austin, who is the Executive VP of Academic Affairs and Provost. “One of the most important of these is that we must continue to make advancements to improve human health, and to do that, we must train the next generation of health sciences and practitioners.” 

The college does not currently have a school of health sciences. The college will partner with the Medical University of South Carolina to provide students with several new programs in the health sciences field. 

Through the partnership with MUSC, students will be learning in on-campus facilities and MUSC facilities, but the college’s president Dr. Andrew Hsu says they will be renovating several of the on-campus buildings. He says they are also looking at building new facilities. 

Current college seniors say they would have applied to the school of health sciences had the college offered it, but they’re just glad there will be a new school at all. 

“I think it’s amazing that there will be a school for just health sciences, in general,” says current senior Emily Cavallaro. “Being able to be in a school for these health sciences will give us more visibility and allow us to have more opportunities. We don’t currently have enough visibility I think.” 

The new school and programs are set to launch this Fall. College officials say they’re currently looking for a dean for the new school, as well. 

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