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New 85-acre park in Summerville set to open in spring after delays 

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - The 85-acre Ashley River Park in Summerville is set to open in the spring after it was delayed because of the pandemic, weather and other factors. 

Construction on Dorchester County’s $13.2 million park started in April 2020 and was scheduled to open last summer. 

Rebecca Dantzler, the county’s capital projects manager, said the park was delayed mainly because of supply shortages caused by the pandemic but also because of the site itself. 

“We got in there and discovered poor soils, so we had a lot of excavation and backfill that was not expected, and that added 100 days, actually, to the contract,” Dantzler said. 

Dantzler said the amount of rain that fell in 2021 also added to the delays. 

“We had almost 7 inches above average rainfall, and since the site does sit right there on the river, that caused some delays, as well,” Dantzler said. 

When the park opens in the spring, both children and adults will be able to enjoy dog parks, playgrounds and boardwalks that have been built over a pond. 

Other features include an event space called the Pavilion, along with a grass lawn that can be used for events or picnics. 

There will also be a splash pad for children, with an outline of the Ashley River stretched across it. 

David Gilley has lived in Summerville for over 50 years and can’t wait for the park to open down the street from his home. 

“With COVID and everything, a lot of the separation we’ve had over recent times here, just getting families back together and having open air to get out and enjoying each other’s time is important,” Gilley said. 

The park will be located just off Bacon’s Bridge Road. 

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