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CHS Co. schools will not disclose superintendent's day-to-day duties

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - It’s been two months since the leader of South Carolina’s second largest school district quit. 

Dr. Gerrita Postlewait resigned as Superintendent of Charleston County school on Dec. 29 at a special called meeting. 

But, what has she been doing since then? 

In the release agreement between Postlewait and the Charleston County School District, it lays out that she will act as a consultant for the district until June 30. When asked how many times her services have been used, the district stated they would look into it. 

Since her resignation, multiple requests have been made through the district for a sit-down interview with Postlewait to discuss her new position. This week, CCSD spokesman Andy Pruitt said because Postlewait is providing consulting services, interviews with Postlewait will need to be coordinated with her directly. 

She never responded. 

In Postlewait’s separation documents, it states a list of benefits she will continue to receive through June 30. Those include: 

  • $241,993.86 from her yearly salary 

Payment for 45 days of unused vacation which amounts to $45,373.86 

  • $33,879.14 paid directly to an annuity of her choosing 
  • The district has also agreed to pay $2,500 to cover Postlewait’s legal fees in connection to separation negotiations 
  • On top of that – she’s allowed to keep her district cellphone, laptop and/or iPad until June 30 
  • She’s also allowed to retain her insurance and her car allowance of $1,000 a month 
In the General Release document, it states her duties are to, “continuously provide information and assistance relating to District Board’s direction and will conscientiously provide information and assistance relating to District operations of which she has knowledge or background information.” 

It has never been clarified to the public what exactly Postlewait is doing day-to-day while she’s being paid with taxpayer dollars. 

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