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$20M project to add inclusive features at Park Circle


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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Park Circle in North Charleston is going to look a lot different over the coming months thanks to a newly-approved multi-million dollar project to build a new community building and an all-inclusive playground and ball field. 

Right now, the city is in the design-build phase of this project and recreation leaders are hoping to start construction in the next month or two. 

“We think it’s going to be one of the nicest facilities,” North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey says. “A field that can be used by all people and that’s the important part of it. It’s not just having a field that can be used by those with needs to have a special type of ability to use. It’s that it can be something that they can use with other people as well.” 

It’s $20 million but one North Charleston city leaders say is well worth it. Inclusive playgrounds typically include things like roller slides and spinners. And the baseball field will be wheelchair accessible and be able to be used by anyone – including those with disabilities. 

“I mean my story goes back to my brother-in-law Billy who passed away a few years ago,” Summey says. “Billy had Muscular Dystrophy and always wanted to be able to participate. We never really had any place for that. I think we need to remember, through him and others, what our needs are to prepare for the future. There should be no one that doesn’t have the ability to utilize our park system.” 

The new building is going to serve a dual purpose. 

“The Cultural Arts department along with the Recreation department is going to utilize that facility,” North Charleston Recreation Director TJ Rostin says. “The Cultural Arts department will be able to do performances. And then the Recreation department will be able to utilize it for community meetings, events and outdoor events.” 

Not only are all of these going to be used by the community, the city wants to open them up to another group of people as well. 

“We’re also going to get into the school district,” Rostin says. “They have a lot of students in some of the special classes that we would like to be able to provide this facility as an outlet for them to do some programs - collaborate with them.” 

The goal is to have the entire project finished by November of 2023. 

In addition to this project, North Charleston City Council also approved a $26 million project for a new gym and pool at the Danny Jones Recreation Complex. 

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