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N. CHS councilmember recognizes need for more sidewalks, streetlights 

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A North Charleston councilmember is pushing to spend millions of dollars to add more sidewalks and streetlights for several communities in the city. 

The Northpointe neighborhood just off Dorchester Road is one of the communities that has little to no sidewalks and not a lot of streetlights. One homeowner said he doesn’t walk at night because it’s not safe. 

North Charleston councilmember Jerome Heyward, who represents the area, said he wants to allocate millions of dollars to fix that. 

However, an exact start date or how much it would cost to do these projects is not yet clear. 

A Dominion Energy spokesperson said they work collaboratively with cities like North Charleston to put street lighting where it’s needed. 

At a council meeting earlier this month, Heyward voted against spending $20 million dollars for an inclusive playground. 

Although he’s a supporter of building parks, he says he voted against it because he feels the quality of life of residents are not what they should be. 

“Most of the neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks in my district, and they get around by walking in the streets,” Heyward said. “It’s a safety hazard. It’s a part of quality of life that we owe to every citizen in North Charleston.” 

The councilmember said he will be trying to fund these projects in next year’s budget. 

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