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High-ranking Charleston County Sheriff’s Office official fired 

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - In a major shakeup at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office this month, the agency’s termination of its former chief deputy Smith last Friday was “effective immediately.” 

Separation paperwork from the South Carolina Justice Academy states Joyce Smith was fired or discharged because of “violation of agency policy not involving misconduct.” 

No further details are provided. 

Sheriff’s office spokesman Andrew Knapp confirmed Smith’s termination date but did not provide further information, saying the department does not comment on personnel matters. 

There is no pending criminal investigation or charges against Smith, according to the documents from Academy. 

In January 2021, Smith resigned from the North Charleston Police Department after nearly 25 years. 

Records show she joined the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office as Sheriff Kristen Graziano took office. 

Last month, Live 5 News confirmed Smith had been on leave that she requested. It’s unclear how long she was on leave before her termination. 

Smith’s attorney declined to comment on the matter. 

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