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CHS County Parks wants community involved in new phase of 10-year plan 

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - As Charleston County Parks moves into the next phase of its 10-year master plan, they say they want the community to be involved, so officials can focus on their needs. 

The parks’ 2023 plan is called Parks and Recreation for All. Officials said they want it to be a blueprint to guide the growth of their programs over the next 10 years. 

The department is required to submit a comprehensive plan every 10 years. 

Charleston County Parks Senior Planner Matt Maldenhauer said the first plan was called Parks for Tomorrow. It laid the groundwork for Parks and Recreation for All. 

They are looking to possibly upgrade or improve existing facilities, expand parks or offer new programs 

Moldenhauer said the community’s input is needed to have a successful plan. 

His team will be hosting a handful of public workshops, community led meetings all over the county over the coming weeks to get people involved. 

“Without the public input it’s nothing, it’s meaningless because the public that’s what we serve every day so what is important about the pan is getting it right and making sure everyone feels like they got a chance to contribute to our process we are working to provide as many input opportunities as we can .” 

The first survey will be mailed out to 4,000 Charleston County homes. 

After that, then anyone in the county will have access to an online survey to share what they prioritize in the county’s parks. 

The first set of public workshops will be held the week of June 27. 

Charleston County Parks recommends keeping up with their website to stay up to date on all community events dates and times. Click here to learn more. 

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