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Downtown property owners get chance to raise concerns over improvement plan

King Street Buildings

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Property owners along King Street will have the opportunity Tuesday night to give feedback and raise objections as city leaders make plans to improve the area. 

Charleston’s Business Improvement District program is designed to help provide additional services to those the city already provides for those in the area. 

Some of the improvements that are looking to get funded through the district include cleaning services, street beautification and an ambassador program. 

Those plans come with a price, however, based on the city’s estimated assessments for the properties. Those who meet the criteria have been notified of the amount they will need to pay over time. The final total could end up being more or less than anticipated. 

This is one reason property owners will be able to share their concerns with Charleston City Council at Tuesday night’s meeting to look for middle ground. 

Existing owner-occupied residences and establishments like churches and government buildings will not be assessed for the program. 

Robert Summerfield, the director of planning with the City of Charleston, says bringing city ambassadors to a business area like King Street could help both residents and tourists better navigate the area. 

“They’ll be providing some kind of eyes on the street, people available particularly in a tourist environment like our business district being able to help folks know where they are going,” Summerfield says. 

Moving forward, the city has a few more items to cover throughout the year, but by 2023 these services should be up and running on the streets of Charleston. 

But before that, property owners will be able to address their concerns and city leaders will be able to figure out how to manage them. 

The meeting will be held at Charleston City Hall at 5 p.m. 

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