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New Savannah Hwy. project could bring traffic relief

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County Public Works is considering making changes to multiple intersections along Savannah Highway.

This idea came after a project team looked at intersections people had concerns about.

Herbert Nimz, project manager for Charleston County Public Works, says this project is coming from the half-cent sales tax that voters in Charleston County voted on in 2016 that is now coming into action.

This project will include making changes to Coburg Road, Magnolia Road, Avondale Avenue, Dupont Road and Wappoo Road. Some of these changes will include adding a left-turn lane on Dupont Road for southbound traffic, adding decorative sidewalks to improve pedestrian visibility, realigning Magnolia Road and Avondale Avenue.

“The main goals of our project are to improve congestion in traffic flow through the corridor,” Nimz said. “We also like to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrian traffic as well.”

Businesses in the Avondale area and people that live along Savannah Highway say that traffic is a huge problem. They say something needs to be done to prevent any more dangerous accidents.

Jason Groce, manager and bartender at Gene’s Haufbrau, says he sees traffic every day of the week on Savannah Highway, especially between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

When asked if he thinks all these additives are necessary, he says they also need to be publicized.

“I think they’re necessary,” Groce said. “We need more of them. They need to be clearly marked. We need to tell people that they’re there. Let everybody know. They at least need to enforce these. You know, people were violating it. People were speeding through here all the time. It’s a huge problem.”

Other managers say they worry about pedestrians and cyclists. They say they have seen people get hit right outside their businesses.

Nimz says he is hoping this project will change that.

“Another goal is to provide some connectivity for bicycles and peds between West Ashley Greenway in the West Ashley Bikeway,” Nimz said. “We are practicable and then also minimize right-away impacts.”

To make a public comment to Charleston County Public Works about this project, click here. They are accepting comments now through Sept. 2.

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