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REPORT: Lowcountry man breaks into ex’s house, dumps child’s ashes in trash

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A man is facing charges in connection to a burglary investigation in Mount Pleasant.

Joseph Scott Oberlies, 34, was charged with first-degree burglary and destruction or removal of human remains.

Officers with the Mount Pleasant Police Department responded to Dingle Road at 7 p.m.

A woman told officers that two days earlier, her ex-boyfriend entered her home while she was not there.

Video recorded from a doorbell camera showed Oberlies, who was out on bond for previous charges, walking in and out of the home, an incident report stated. Police say Oberlies was previously warned that trespassing the property could lead to his arrest.

Officers asked the victim what Oberlies did while inside the home, she said he took a hammer and damaged her flat-screen TV. The suspect also took the ashes of the victim’s child, took the top off and threw them in the trash, according to police. The deceased child was not shared between the suspect and the victim.

Police say the victim feared for her and her children’s safety; she told officers, “I’m afraid he would have killed us if we were here,” the incident report stated.

Investigators say the victim wants to press charges but is scared of possible retaliation from the suspect. While still on scene, the victim showed a text from the suspect to officers that said, “please don’t press charges, I’ll pay for whatever I broke,” the report stated.

The woman told police she was going to call out of work to get an emergency restraining order against the suspect.

When asked if he remembered damaging any property, Oberlies said “he was blackout drunk and does not remember,” according to the report.

Oberlies was booked in the Al Cannon Detention Center. He posted bond for $60,000.

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