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‘I heard a loud pop’ - 911 calls from Ladson DMV shooting released

Smartphone Call to 911

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LADSON, S.C. (WCSC) - Newly-released 911 calls from Berkeley County detail the terrifying moments after gunfire rang out at a Ladson DMV.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting on Wimberly Drive on the afternoon of Sept. 6.

Deputies then began an hours-long search for the shooter, who turned himself in about 24 hours later. Multiple calls made after the shooting, which injured two people, show the panic that followed.

The transcript below is a combination of multiple 911 calls from witnesses and DMV employees: LISTEN TO AUDIO HERE

Caller: I believe somebody was just shot.
Dispatch: You didn’t see anybody you just heard?
Caller: I heard a loud pop and then my coworkers ran into the breakroom and said it was a gun.
Dispatch: And what kind of weapons were involved?
Caller: I don’t know just a gun went off and a man went down.
Dispatch Alright do you know where the shooter is?
Caller: No, I have no idea.”
Dispatch: Alright, where are they bleeding from?”
Caller: Where’s he bleeding from? His ear. He’s been shot in the head.”
Dispatch: He’s been shot in the head? We have quite a few people on the phone but you’re near my victim…”
Caller: Two people. Two people have been hit.


Berkeley County deputies say the two victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. They say the shooter likely targeted one person, and the other just happened to be there. The suspect, 18-year-old La’ron Bess, is currently behind bars and was denied bond last week.

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