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ELECTION UPDATE: Dorchester Co. council member meets residency criteria

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ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCSC) - A Dorchester County council member will get to run again for election in November.

The county’s Board of Voter Registration and Elections says Harriet Holman’s residency meets the criteria to represent District 1. This follows claims that she does not live in the district she represents.

The board discussed the validity of Councilwoman Holman’s residence on Thursday.

Trav Robertson of the South Carolina Democratic Party presented 11 pieces of evidence sighting two different addresses for Holman. Robertson says it appears Holman lives in Santee and not in St. George as listed on her campaign paperwork. Holman says she bought a new house in District 1 that matches the address.

Some voters like John Ptolemy of Dorchester County say the Republican councilwoman bought the house in St. George to play the system.

“When she’s running for this office, that’s before she bought this house,” Ptolemy said. “It’s irrelevant. It’s irrelevant. She did not own that property before she chose to run for our district. She did not own it.”

Steven Wright, Holman’s representative and Chairman of Dorchester County Republican Party, says the first address Robertson listed is from a home she lost in a fire in 2019. Wright says Holman did purchase a home in Santee in 2019, but also a home in District 1 in July adjacent to the original house that burned down. He says her new home is listed on her voter registration and driver’s license.

“Let’s be clear that this was a distraction from the voters and a big waste of time to everybody that drove up to St. George,” Wright said. “They knew the facts and still chose to move forward and make this a political circus.”

Holman says she is ready to move on from this issue and focus on the November election.

“I’m about taking care of the concerns of my constituents, so I’m ready to get started,” Holman said. “I’m ready to move forward and let’s move this election over, so I can keep my seat and do for the people after the election is over.”

Councilwoman Holman will be running against Democratic candidate Tim Lewis in District 1 for the November election.

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