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MURDER:“He has all these crazy fantasies ... more than one girl at a time.”

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For the first time we’re hearing the moments the girlfriend of Brittanee Drexel’s killer told investigators she thought her boyfriend had something to do with the teen’s disappearance.

The 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office released evidence from Raymond Moody’s case, which includes 2011 interviews with his girlfriend, Angel Vause.

The 62-year-old man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for the murder, kidnapping and assault of Drexel last week.

The interview with Vause reveals Moody told her he had fantasies to abduct several girls.

”I’m suspicious she may not be the only one,” Vause told investigators regarding Drexel. “He has all these crazy fantasies ... where he wants to take more than one girl at a time.”

The girlfriend tipped off the FBI again earlier this year, ultimately leading to Moody’s confession and arrest.

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“Of course he always says teenager but at this point, I’m beginning to think children,” Vause said.

Vause’s interview also alluded to pre-planning on Moody’s part and that he had a tent where he could take girls and assault them.

“He wants to snatch ‘em,” said Vause. “He wants to have a place to take ‘em. He said he wants to set up a place in the woods ... ‘cause he says that they mean nothing to him. They’re just like a toy in his toy box.”

Vause said the confessed killer also told her he had at least 12 victims in California and that they were all “of age.”

Vause also told investigators about Moody being sexually aggressive with her, claiming he told her, “better you than someone else.”

When investigators asked why she stayed with Moody, Vause told them she was afraid Moody would kill her if she spoke to police and said he threatened the things she loved most and to “make her disappear like Brittanee did” if she left. She also said she had lost her job and Moody was helping her out.

It’s unclear if authorities are investigating him for other cases; however, they named him as a person of interest in 2012 for the 2005 disappearance of Crystal Soles.

Soles’ disappearance remains unsolved.

Moody is being evaluated in Columbia before being transferred to a prison to serve his life sentence.

Vause is not facing any charges in the case.

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