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UPDATE: Shaw Air Force Base intruder in custody says federal agents

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SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. (WIS) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reporting a man is facing multiple charges after intruding on Shaw Air Force Base on Friday, Dec. 23.

FBI special agent Kevin Conroy said 54-year-old Angelo Jerome Brown has been arrested after making his way onto the base.

According to officials, the guard at the gate said Brown started asking a “rapid utterance in an aggressive tone. He also said something about sex slave trafficking and kid slaves. Brown also told the guard he was “laced.”

Investigators say Brown was convinced by the guard to pull his vehicle to the side of the gate. While the guard was waiting on a supervisor to arrive, Brown became irritated and threatened to pull off. He also said, “I have a knife and BB gun in the car.”

The suspect then sped through the gate in his vehicle, he was able to get through the gate before another guard could activate the barrier.

Brown was found by officers near a traffic circle about one mile from the gate. When officers activated their red and blue lights along with sirens, he pulled over. Before he got out of the vehicle, Brown threw out his key fob during the 3-5 minutes of the traffic stop.

Then he exited his vehicle and started yelling belligerently at the officers who stopped him.

He got back into his vehicle, backed up, and struck an officer with the door. The officer fell backward but did not suffer any major injuries.

The vehicle drove for a short while until it cut off because the key fob was no longer in the vehicle. Officers positioned themselves around Brown’s vehicle, while he got out and walked to the rear of the vehicle, and pulled out what officers believed to be a rifle.

Officers told the suspect to drop the rifle, but say he did not point the firearm at the officers. Later, Brown pointed the rifle at officers and that is when officers fired on Brown, injuring him, before taking him into custody.

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Officers provided first aid to Brown before he was taken to a hospital in Richland County. But he told officers he did not want any help and that he wanted to die.

Brown made a statement about the officers needing to “get them girls from Columbia.” He also threatened to take one of the officer’s guns and shoot him with it, although he made no move to do so. Brown also told an officer that if he gets his hands on another weapon, he was coming back for them.

Officials say during his attempt to intrude on Shaw Air Force base, he had a pellet rifle, a knife, and a blade longer than 2 1/2 inches.

After the incident, investigators spoke with Brown’s sister who said that on Sunday, December 17, Brown asked her for a gun but she said no because he was a felon and he is not allowed to carry a firearm.

Brown has been charged with multiple offenses including failure to stop for a blue light and assault and battery. He is currently being held at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

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