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Patten Seed Company relocating to downtown Charleston

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The grass is about to get greener downtown after one of the largest turfgrass companies in the southeast is relocating its corporate headquarters to Charleston.

After a $2.2 million investment, Patten Seed Company will be opening its doors at 22 Westedge creating 40 new jobs.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture says Patten Seed Company choosing to relocate to Charleston is part of the company’s plan of expanding to an integrated industry leader.

Ashley Richardson, from Charleston County’s Economic Development Department, says Patten Seeds already has a farm in Orangeburg and a retail store in North Charleston which she said is another reason why they chose Charleston County to grow.

Richardson says the company did not receive financial incentives from Charleston County so residents will not be hit with any taxes for this business opening.

According to Richardson, Patten Seed Company’s CEO was looking for a vibrant city for his vibrant company. Richardson says the life-science business is growing in Charleston and said Charleston is business-friendly and provides the right infrastructure for companies to grow as well as the resources.

“The company is planning on hiring 40 new positions over the next five years,” Richardson said. “These will span from logistics, marketing, and finance positions that really support their corporate headquarters as they grow their technology space.”

Richardson said the company is excited to relocate and will most likely begin the hiring process in the summer.

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