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BAC of alleged drunk driver in crash that killed newlywed released

Night Time Police Intervention in a check point for DUI

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The report from SLED states that Jamie Komoroski had a blood alcohol level of 0.261% when she was tested after the April 28 crash with a golf cart on Folly BeachA new toxicology report from SLED is shedding light on the blood-alcohol content of a woman who is accused of causing a DUI crash that killed a newlywed bride.

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCSC) - A new toxicology report from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is shedding light on the blood-alcohol content of a woman who is accused of causing a DUI crash that killed a newlywed bride and hurt three others.

Along with the toxicology report, the Folly Beach Police Department also sent an updated report of the incident.

Immediately after the crash, officers asked Komoroski what happened to which she replied, “I was driving, and then all the sudden something hit me,” the report reads.

Also, in the report, multiple witness recall seeing Komoroski “dazed and confused.” At the scene, she kept asking for her boyfriend and telling the witnesses she was on her way home, the report states.

Once she saw the victims on the ground, Komoroski started screaming and asking what happened, witnesses say.

In Komoroski’s arrest affidavit, officers claim they could smell alcohol on her breath and person. She told officers she had a beer and a drink with tequila about an hour before the crash, the affidavit states.

When asked how she felt on a scale of one to ten, with one being completely sober and ten being the most impaired, she responded that she was at an eight, the affidavit states.

Komoroski was then asked to complete a field sobriety test but she refused, the affidavit states. However, her blood was sampled for the toxicology report.

Komoroski is charged with DUI causing serious bodily injury/death and reckless homicide. Police say she rear-ended a golf cart with her car in the 1200 block of East Ashley Avenue.

The crash killed the newlywed bride, identified as Samantha Miller, and seriously injured her husband and two others.

After the crash, Miller’s family warned about the dangers of drinking while driving.

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