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Woodland Shores Rd. community calls for change to reduce safety hazards

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After a community meeting by Charleston Public Works, some Woodland Shores Road community members are speaking up about safety concerns in their neighborhood.

The call for change comes as family and investigators are still looking for answers after a woman was found unconscious and laying in the middle of Woodland Shores Road on June 21.

“People just don’t pay any attention,” Leslie Campbell, a relative to Woodland Shores Road residents, said. “They just wanna go as fast as they can to get to the other side of the road.”

One neighbor who’s lived in the area for 28 years says speeding and reckless driving is an ongoing problem in the area.

“Maybank has a lot of these, I think even more incidents,” resident Adam Friend said. “Because of the amount for traffic that we have. I sort of think we’ve not thought through a lot of the growth we’ve allowed to occur in our county.”

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Others explained there’ve been talks of concerns and plans for a while – but no direct solution.

A project created by a committee through Charleston Public Works would build a sidewalk along Maybank Highway and Woodland Shores Road.

The plan caps at around $400,000.

Some neighbors want to add sidewalks on either side of the street, while others push back because they don’t want to give up land.

Community members have suggested speed bumps, four-way-stops, e-speed signs and more.

They said they want to build the neighborhood into a more welcoming space.

“You can tell that people are aiming for a certain kind of feeling and way to connect with the community,” Resident Peachey Trudell said. “And it’s just so dangerous. I hope the solution will then feed that desire for people to be able to walk safely in their neighborhood.”

The meeting was held at the James Island Baptist Church last week.

Charleston Public Works plans to address safety concerns and give an update on the ongoing sidewalk project for the area.

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