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VIDEO: Summerville neighbors in shock after hit-and-run on Brittondale Rd.

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Residents in a Summerville neighborhood are shaken up after they say a man driving a truck hit several cars Tuesday night and fled the scene before police arrived.

The Summerville Police Department has not yet released an incident report, but several neighbors on Brittondale Road witnessed the incident.

Those who live in the area say they heard someone speeding down the road around 7 p.m. Moments later, they saw that person hit a parked truck, then a light post, then a parked jeep and a parked sedan that were in a driveway together. The pickup then crossed over leaving tire tracks in another yard before slamming into a parked car, moving it to the complete other side of the driveway.

Witnesses say the last hit put the driver of the truck at a stop, he then got out of his vehicle and neighbors approached him.

“He was very belligerent,” Lisa Ball said. “He kept saying ‘oh don’t worry about it I’ll buy you new cars, I’ll buy you new car, let’s go to the dealership,’ I told him to get off my property and he proceeded to put his hands on me and slap me not once but twice.”

After a few minutes of interacting with neighbors, Ball says the driver got back into his truck and sped away.

Neighbors wanted him to stay put and wait for police to arrive who had been called at that point, but that didn’t happen

It was only seconds later that he rounded the corner and slammed head on into a pizza delivery driver, and neighbors say he then got out on foot and walked off into the woods, all caught on one neighbor’s doorbell camera.

“His mother proceeded to show up last night and said he had a seizure, but the gentleman smelled of alcohol and so did his vehicle,” she said.

Summerville Police have confirmed that the driver was not at the scene when officers arrived, and that no arrests have been made.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

CLICK FOR VIDEO: Summerville neighbors in shock after hit-and-run on Brittondale Rd.

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