Leftists Rip Rogan for Outting CNN’s Ivermectin Lies

BUCK: How do you know when you’re over the target? Sometimes it’s because you’re taking flak, people coming at you. Welcome back to the Clay and Buck show. We have been talking this week about Joe Rogan, who — I’m sure you all know — is one of the biggest if not the biggest podcaster in the world, and he had on his show Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, who is the chief medical correspondent over there.

And he got him to admit — despite Don Lemon, who I could assure you is not the chief medical correspondent of anywhere or anything. But despite Gupta saying that they should not have called Joe Rogan being prescribed ivermectin by a doctor as using “horse dewormer” — despite that — Don Lemon says that they didn’t lie, even though they did say he used horse dewormer.

This made CNN look very bad. So what happens? Do the people that hold CNN up in the corporate-Democrat media say, “Wow. Maybe CNN should be a little bit more honest. Maybe this is a learning opportunity.” I wanted to bring this to your attention because, you see, this is how the whole system works, the propaganda machinery all around you. If you turn on cable news, with one exception, this is what you’re gonna get. If you turn on these different broadcast networks for whatever news… The View is on, what, ABC? I’ve never watched. I’ve watched clips of The View.

CLAY: We’ve played them on here. That’s as much as we could handle.

BUCK: We’ve played a few on here to show how stupid The View is as a place where there’s conversation about politics, how much ignorance is on display on a daily basis, but here you have — and I wanted to note this. Joe Rogan catches CNN in what is a massive dishonesty, a grotesque and dishonorable lie, and what is the response from the sort of CNN friends all around the media? Attack Joe Rogan.

SUNNY HOSTIN: The other thing about Joe Rogan, if you look at his… (sputters) Yes, he has all of these listeners. That’s so wonderful. But some of this stuff that he has said… He’s transphobic, he’s Islamophobic, he has said racist things. I mean, another one with the trifecta of bigotry. And — and — and these people continue to listen to him! He has advised young people, “If you’re young and you’re healthy, don’t take the vaccine.” I think if you are still listening to him knowing his history, I’m not interested in — in — in reaching out to you.

BUCK: This is what happens, Clay. When you catch the apparatus, which CNN is a key piece of, in its propagandistic lies, this is what they do. They attack you. They don’t say, “Sorry, we’ll do better next time.”

CLAY: Yeah, and this is the larger context of Democratic debate now. They don’t debate issues, they attack. And in some respects, it’s effective because what it does is it makes everybody so nervous to give their actual opinion because they’re not even concerned about the opinion that they’re gonna give; they’re concerned about what people are going to say about them for giving an opinion, right?

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